Biden’s First Few Days In Office

America is now just over two days away from the swearing of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States. Just over two days to go until the beginning of the Great American Reset.Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have sworn that they would transform America in ways that we could never imagine. It will begin with a flurry of Executive Orders that would make Obama proud.Rumors abound of what the first Executive Orders would be, but good educated guesses can be made based upon campaign promises and Democratic goals. So lets take a look at what to expect.

Bidens EOs

  1. First on the list will be the repeal of President Trumps DACA restrictions. Biden will seek to renew full DACA protections for illegals, but that will not stop there. Biden will add to DACA protections by extending them to family members not covered currently.
    Hand in hand with DACA protections will be changes to Immigration policy. Illegal immigrants will be put on an eight year path to citizenship with DACA people being fast tracked even quicker. Temporary Protected Status to people from strife-torn countries like El Salvador will be extended and increased to all them to obtain green cards and then citizenship status.
    H1B1 and other types of VISAs will be increased further taking jobs from Americans.
    Travel bans from Muslim countries will be repealed and the risk of terrorists entering the country will increase significantly.
  2. The Border Wall construction will be immediately stopped, allowing for Central American immigrants to cross into America with the full blessing of the Biden Administration.
  3. Climate Change will be a big part of the first push towards remaking America. Biden will rejoin the Paris Accords, meanwhile pushing the EPA to roll back Trump reforms and Executive Orders. At some point, an attempt will be made to enact the details of the Green New Deal.
  4. Expect that Biden will issue an Executive Order in the first couple of days that forgives at least $10,000 of Federal Student Loan debt. This can be done without the approval of Congress.
  5. To counter Covid-19, Biden will immediately issue an Executive Order calling for the mandatory wearing of masks for everyone. This may be followed by a national shutdown for 90 days or more, with the expectation that as each shutdown comes close to expiring, it will be extended.
    A Covid Travel License will be required at some point if people desire to leave their states, the country and maybe even their cities.
  6. Biden will seek to immediately reestablish the Iranian Deal and ending sanctions on Iran. Iran will be left to develop nuclear weapons and create warheads and fuel for those weapons. Tariffs currently in place against Chinese companies will be rolled back almost immediately.
  7. There will be new EPA regulations imposed upon oil drilling in America. Prices for gas will increase across the country. The Keystone Pipe will be closed down.
  8. The changes made to Obama Care through Trumps Executive Orders will be rolled back. Prescription drug changes will revert to before Trump. Prices for medical care will increase, the tax penalty will be reimposed and America will be many steps closer to Single Payer.

This is only the beginning of what we can expect in the first couple of days of a Biden Administration. On tap in the weeks to come, we shall see the push for a $15 per hour minimum wage and further eviction and foreclosure relief, extending throughout most of this year.

Gun control efforts will increase. At some point early on, Beto will come calling for all AR-15’s and other semi-automatic weapons. Then it will be the rest of the firearms in the hands of the people.

America………our worst fears are about to be realized.