What are the Democrats scared of?

Tomorrow, the Inauguration of President Biden will occur at 12:00pm in Washington D.C. The Inauguration is scheduled to be a “virtual” event. The traditional crowds of people spilling out into the Mall, across the streets and the parade route will not exist. It will all be on broadcast tv, cable tv and the internet.

D.C. has been totally shut down for the event. People cannot travel into the city. Bridges into the city have been closed down with manned checkpoints at all entries into the area. If you are not mission essential personnel, invited guests, or Congressional personnel, you WILL be turned back.

The streets of D.C. are militarized with up to 25,000 National Guard troops having joined in alongside the 3,600 members of the Metro Police, the 2,100 members of the Capital Police, the Park Police, FBI, US Marshalls, and police from nearby states. 

Speaker Pelosi has also tried to get the Commandant of the Marines to send in seasoned Marine Vets for additional security. Fortunately, the Commandant, to his credit, told her to take a flying leap.

Not to be outdone, all 50 states have engaged in the same behavior, and are having extra security forces on hand to secure their facilities.

This level of security for the Inauguration is unheard of in America. Even for the Inauguration of President Trump, there was not this level of militarization of D.C. Instead, this is the level of militarization that is reminiscent of a third world country after illicit elections have resulted in a coup and install an illegally elected leader.

What are the Democrats thinking? Are they really that afraid of protests and riots against the soon to be President Biden taking office? Or is there more to things than meet the eye?

The “official” word is that there is “credible” evidence of violent protests against Biden, so the extra security must be taken. But there is no word of what form and no proof given for belief that violent protests will occur. Instead, there is just a beefing up of forces as if the Capital and White House were preparing to be under siege.

One has to ask……..did the January 6 protest in D.C. scare the you know what out of Democrats? Did the sight of from 1.5 million to 2 million Patriots scare the Democrats to the point that they fear for their lives? Or did the out of control crowd at the Capital doors, led by AntiFa, strike fear into their hearts and minds?

If the Democrats were frightened by the January 6 display of protests, how are they going to feel when instead of a couple of million taking to the streets to protest, it will be tens of millions protesting? One hundred million protesting? Are they going to hunker down, or will they order the military in to suppress the people? And what happens if the military tells them to shove it like the Marine Commandant did?

America is now in its most perilous times since the Civil War era. Both the Democrats and the Republicans, joined by the Deep State, realize that the people are angry and can no longer be appeased. Instead, each day sends the country towards greater upheaval.

Where things end, no one knows at this time. All we can say is that it will not be a pretty sight and will be no fun to live through. But we can say that the America we grew up with and loved will never be the same.

PU out.