Something New – WandaVision

Having tired of all the political crap, decided to do something new. Have been watching internet streaming programs, and just finished with the first two WandaVision episodes.

WandaVision features Wanda the Scarlett Witch and Vision in their own series. It purportedly takes place after the defeat of Thanos, but nothing makes sense in the first two episodes. (Partial Spoiler Alert)

Episode 1 begins with Wanda and Vision in a black and white television episode, very familiar and characteristic of the old television series Bewitched. They have just moved to a small town, Westview, and Vision is working for a computer company while Wanda stays home. Of course, there is the nosy neighbor Agnes, just like Bewitched has Gladys.

Episode 2 continues in the same vein as if watching 60’s television programs, complete with commercials.

So far,there is nothing in the first two episodes to explain what is going. Nothing to say why Wanda and Vision are in a television, nor reveal of any plot lines.

The very first question that arises is “how can Vision be alive when he was killed by Thanos?” This makes no sense at all.

Another question that arises is “who is watching the episodes of WandaVision?” Someone must be watching it, or is the program either a figment of Wanda’s imagination or else a dream sequence? Or is there some other type of manipulation going on?

At the end of Episode 2, the screen suddenly goes to color instead of black and white and everything changes to suggest that the program is now situated in the 1970’s

As one looks closely, the commercials seem to provide “easter eggs” of what will happen or is going on, but with Marvel, one never knows what is truth or not.

All I know at this time is that WandaVision needs to establish a real plotline that people can understand in the next couple of episodes. Otherwise, Disney will quickly lose viewers and WandaVision will go the way of so many other programs which now reside in the trash heap of failed programing.