Covid 19 Vax Report

On Tuesday, January 19, wife and I took our first Covid Vaccine shots. It was the Moderna version. Thought it would be a good idea to try and provide an evaluation of how we have responded to the vax.

Arrived at the Vax location just before 3:00pm. Went through the typical series of questions to ensure that we did not have any symptoms and then was admitted in vax area. There were 10 stations all full with elderly people getting the vax.

Had no wait for a station where we were asked the questions again and then medical history was looked at. We were “approved” for the vax and was immediately given it. No pain felt at all.

After the vax, we were directed to an observation where we would be watched for any type of reaction to the vax. Since we were high risk, would remain in observation for 30 minutes.

Wife finished her 30 minutes about 2 minutes before me. Nurse came over to ask how she was feeling and was told that all was fine. Wife asked if anyone had reactions to the vax and was told no one there yet.Okay, she could go.

Next was me, nurse came over and asked how I was feeling. Started to say something and then being a shit disturber, stopped in the middle of my response and “slumped over” in chair. Nurse started to go into panic with eyes first opening wide.

Wife started laughing and told me to “cut it out.” Explained that I was a huge practical joker, so I stood up and let her know I was fine and then we left.

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, felt fine. Then Wednesday afternoon the injection site began to redden, swell slightly and hurt when pressed down on it. Wife was fine.

About an hour later, body was aching as if I had the flu. Took some Advil and Tylenol and went to bed. Wife remained fine.

Thursday morning, aches were gone and most of the swelling had gone. Little redness left and tenderness mostly gone.

As of this morning, there is no soreness, redness or swelling. Appears the side effects are gone. Now we just wait until February 16, when we have our second dose.