Looking back – May 7, 2016

(This is an editorial I wrote four years ago. Contrast and compare what I wrote then, to what happened during the four years of the Trump administration. Your opinion wanted, leave a comment)

Donald Trump is the face of the New Republican Party. The GOP, that once existed as a place for conservatives, has now cowed by almost 100 years of progressive pressure and has been born again as the little brother of the left.

Do not imagine that there has been a rethinking of conservative ideology by the party, nothing of the sort has happened. That thinking hasn’t been present for many, many years.

The slow acceptance of Trump by the political class is simply the party rearranging the chess pieces on the board, posturing and positioning so the greed, money and power will continue to flow to them, barely interrupted by annoying things like voters and elections.

Those leaders in the party that actually believe in Trump are no different than those who feign denial of his validity as the leader of the party. Each one of these politicians are simply examining their options and making the wisest decisions to assure themselves that they will not lose their position as crony politicians.

They are all oligarchs and plutocrats and have been for many years. They are not working for the people of this country, they are bathing in the corruption and graft of the political system that feeds and fuels the greed, money and power.

Do not believe that a new party of dedicated conservatives can affect any change. While it may feel good for a while to believe it could be possible in the future to reverse the direction this country is going in, it’s a futile task.

This is a system so entrenched in the globalist cabal and they have the hard-handed power to take any grass-rooted effort and smash it into the ground.

In your own circle of friends, among your conservative buddies, you feel good about sticking to your morals and ideology.

Outside of that circle, there is a monster stronger than any movement, any ideology or any god.

No nation lasts forever; history is all the proof you need of that statement. The best intentions of humans have always resulted in a top-heavy, corrupted system, which eventually falls to the next scheme, the next constitution, the next revival.

What we see happening now will only stop when it tumbles, when the clay supporting the top erodes away and crumbles.

That erosion may be sped up by civil unrest, revolution or apathy. The ride down may be exciting or it may be a footnote to the larger march of history, but it will happen.