Impeachment 2.0: A Different Take.

I’ve come to believe over the years, especially the last four, that no matter how stupid the swamp/uniparty seems to act or behave there’s always a reason or method behind their madness. Impeachment 2.0 is no exception. And by swamp I mean both parties, not just the dems.

After the November election the dems looked like they had stole an election and the GOP looked like it had helped them do it. More than 2 months later it still looks that way, more so actually. Polls show only about 12% approve of the direction the country is headed in. Both parties have very angry voters. The swamp has a public relations problem that needs work, what to do?

Well you go kabuki theater with a lame unconstitutional show trial. That it’s unconstitutional doesn’t matter, their propaganda arm the MSM will spin it so as to convince enough of the serfs. But Gibbs, why is it all kabuki? Glad you asked, I’ll ‘splain.

Remember, as mentioned above the swamp has a public relations problem. The dem base thinks Trump is getting off easy. The GOP base thinks it conspired with the dems to get rid of Trump. Therefore we get kabuki impeachment. The dems go for making Trump look bad and vote to convict. Their base gets it’s red meat. The GOP defends Trump as the base watches. The GOP can say see we really like Trump, why else would we defend him? Don’t abandon us, looky here we’re not abandoning Trump.

And there you have it. Both sides play their kabuki theater act. The MSM spins it all for the masses complete with their public opinion polls. All the while the swamp is laughing at how gullible a sizeable chunk of the population is.