CA Gov Gruesome Newsom will not be recalled

California Governor Gruesome Newsom has been directly responsible for the dismantling of the 6th largest economy in the world. By enacting draconian measures in response to Covid 19, Newsom has destroyed the cinema and theater industry and 80% of all non chain restaurants.

The fitness industry has essentially shut down, as well as the ability to have indoor religious services. Schools are shut down for on campus learning, delegating students to attending class through Zoom meetings, hurting the most the youngest students by denying them the so needed social interactions.

Businesses have been mostly regulated to work from home, devastating the commercial real estate market. Many more businesses are fleeing the state, and retail shops are forced to rely upon online sales to survive.

Families are badly hurt by all of the shutdown nonsense, including not being allowed to visit sick or dying relatives. Holiday celebrations are essentially banned. Social interaction is mostly curtailed or prohibited.

Meanwhile, Gruesome Newsom goes about doing his own thing, ignoring the same laws he has imposed upon everyone else.

In response, the CA public has gotten behind a petition to “recall” Newsom. The goal is to remove him from office, just like almost 20years ago, Gray Davis was recalled.

Currently, 1.3 million people have signed the recall petition, and 1.5 million is the goal. It is expected that by Mid-March, over 2 million people will have signed it.

Once the signatures have been acquired, they are verified by each county. If the minimum number of signatures are validated, then preparations begin for the recall election.

Ballots are ultimately sent out to every registered voter in the state. Two questions will be asked.

  1. Do they want to recall Newsom, yes or no?
  2.  If more than 50% of voters say “yes,” who should replace him?

If the vote for Newsom to be recalled wins the majority of voters, then Newsom is recalled and tossed out of office. The person who gets the most votes no matter the percentage will be the new Governor.

Californians opposed to Newsom are giddy about the prospects of getting rid of him. This includes Democrats, and thus, reports are broadcast that Team Newsom is worried.

But let’s face it. This is California. 65% of the people identify as Democrats and some 30% as Republicans. To expect that 15% of Democrats will vote yes is unlikely. And then even if they do, the fraud that will exist should put Gruesome Newsom over the 50% plus 1 mark.

Assuming that Newsom is recalled, it is reasonable to expect that another Democrat will become governor. That is because at this time, at least 2 Republicans have already indicated that they will run for governor, More are expected to run, as well as people from other parties. This will dilute the Republican vote.

On the Democratic side, expect only one person to run. Thus he will get the majority of votes and become the new governor.

So California, rest easy. We will continue to have a Democratic governor even if Governor Gruesome Newsom is recalled. And the state will continue to be totally disfunctional.

PU out