Is Pelosi actually trying to destroy GOP through Trump?

Last night, my thoughts once again turned to the Pelosi delusional rantings against Donald Trump. This time, it was about the clearly unconstitutional attempt to impeach Trump though he no longer is in office.

The excuse being tossed around is that Nancy wants to ensure that Trump would not run again in 2024. But this is a total dodge since it is very unlikely he would try to run, and if he did, it would likely mean another losing attempt with all the fraudulent actions that would be taken by both the state Democrats as well as the GOP.

So what is really going on with Nancy and the Democrats?

First, we must consider the “personality traits” of the elected Democrats and DNC.

Democrats in this group have no true values. They are idealogues only to the point that it can be used to amass power and money. This is their only goal no matter how many people that they will hurt along the way, nor how many companies they destroy in order to change the country and the economic system.

It is all about them and them only, and the ends justify the means.

The Democrats have few moral values. They will use lies, trickery, deceit and most other devious means to achieve their goals. Fraud is particularly important to them, as evidenced by the 2020 election.

But what is their goal with the new impeachment attempt of Donald Trump?

The Democrats fear Donald Trump more than anyone else in the political spectrum right now. They know that he won the 2020 election, but then had it stolen from him. Their fear is that he continues to have a 75-80 million base of voters supporting him that can be called upon if he should decide to run for President again. If Biden/Harris policies fail as expected, then with the coming economic and social debacle, even with massive fraud, Trump would win a 2024 election. So they must take him out of the picture.

Of course, the Democrats know that they do not have the votes to convict Trump and prevent him from running again in 2024, so they must have an alternative strategy to allow Biden/Harris to win in 2024.

The key to the Democrats winning in 2024 is the upending of the Republican party. The Democrats need to split the party to the point where there cannot be a Republican coalition that could defeat the Trump coalition. The new impeachment trial could accomplish that goal.

The Democrats hope to create a situation whereby there could be ten or more Republicans that vote for impeachment. Though Trump is not expected to be convicted, that would create a major rift in the party, not that there is not one between the base and the GOP elites right now.

GOP leadership and major supporters would be forced to choose sides, with it very likely that they would turn to a Never Trumper. Meanwhile Trump would need to move out of the party and create his own, which is just what he may be doing already.

In a 3 candidate race in 2024, Democrat, Republican and Trump supporter running, it is very likely that the election would offer up no electoral winner. At that point, the election would be thrown into the House.

So on the face of things at the moment, it is very likely that the Democrats seek to split and destroy the Republican party for the 2024 race.

Full Disclosure: I have left the Party and am now registered Independent. Will not be drawn back into the “games” that the GOP and the Democrats play any longer.

PU out