To Turtle Or Not To Turtle

That really is what it boils down to isn’t it? Does the DC GOPe really believe that through their senate leader they can dis Trump and the base will just fall in line and vote for them in 2022? Afterall they mostly voted to acquit Trump so the base should understand right? They showed they don’t hate Trump by voting to acquit. Time to get back to business as usual in DC and for the base to fall in line. Time for more revenue neutral taxcuts, whatever the hell that is, along with compromising with dems…good times again right?

Well no. Don’t know about others, but I didn’t vote for Trump twice to end up back where we were before Trump. Maybe some people did but I ain’t one of those people. Right now there isn’t a republican out there mentioned as possible presidential material that I could vote for and feel good about it, not a single one. That includes Trump although he would be my first choice. I just wouldn’t feel as sure about my vote as I did the last two times.

Seems to me if there’s one thing the DC GOPe has made abundantly clear it’s that they do not want Trump or his politics. That means for me they don’t want me or my politics since for me Trump is the closest person out there to my politics. So there’s a dilemma. Stay in the GOP and keep trying to change it like we’ve been trying to do since the Bush family betrayed Reagan’s legacy? There’s that or there can be a new party free of the DC swamp and beholding only to the grass roots that help form it.

Well I’m thinking new party and I’m thinking Trump has to be the catalyst and the guy to get it started. Now I know what some of you are thinking. You’re thinking that Trump is too naive, isn’t great at hiring the right people, so on and so forth. That’s true, but I’m looking at Trump as being the guy that draws the masses in, helping form the base of the party. He’s the only one who can do that. If he can form a nucleus around him similar to what helped him in 2016 and not listen to son-in-law then I think there’s a good possibility of success.

So who can Trump get to help him with such an endeavor? Well the ones who haven’t dissed him. The true MAGA believers who have the connections and knowledge to help him achieve the goals of a new party. I’m not going to run off a list of names, most people know who they are as opposed to the phoney swamp critters.

Sure a new party could end up failing just like others that have been tried and failed. History isn’t on our side. But there is one thing that’s different this time. The GOP base is boiling mad. Many in the base think the GOP establishment conspired with the democrats to cheat and defeat Trump. You can count me as one of those who believes it. The rhetoric coming from people like turtle confirms it in my mind.

That’s why I think the time is ripe for a new party. I’m not going to waste my vote unless there is a new alternative party. And it would be a wasted vote because I think the GOPe is going to be picking the candidates and they will all be swamp. Yes the swamp can just rig the elections and prevent any new party from winning anything, and most likely will. Still I think there ought to be an effort made. The GOPe wants Trump gone and his base to fall in line. I think Trump should give them what they want. As for me I’m not going to fall in line.