Uncle Bruno Checks In on Minn/St Paul

Heard last Friday from Uncle Bruno who was communicating from a secured underground bunker somewhere in the world. He is doing well and says hello to all. Misses everyone, but otherwise desires to remain “dark” and hidden from the Leftist Loonies of the world.

Uncle B wanted to provide me with an update from his sources above ground in the Minn/St Paul area since the Derek Chauvin trial begins today. Chauvin faces various charges, including Murder 2 in the death of George Floyd.

Democratic Hack Attorney General Keith Ellison has directed the Minnesota equivalent of the FBI, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, to begin going after White Supremacists and other Right Wing groups in a state wide crackdown on all who oppose him and the MI DFL. The BCA is essentially cleared to act like the old GRU in the Soviet Union. So him behooves him to stay dark and let the “untouchable” PU to do his dirty work.

Uncle B did send out a drone from his remote location to observe “first hand” what was happening on the ground as Hennepin County prepared for the trial of Chauvin. Some observations:

Of the over 1500 destroyed or damaged in the riot torn areas of Minneapolis, approximately 25% of the locations are now just empty lots. Very little rebuilding has begun and it is expected that few of the lots will have new buildings put back up.

Another 20-25% of the damaged buildings are boarded up and most will have to be torn down to be salvaged. These buildings are covered with gang and BLM graffiti.

Most stores are gone, finished. If the riots did not finish them off, the Covid response did. It will be at least a decade or two before the area begins to recover, if it ever does.

Where the Chauvin trial is being held, it looks like the DC Capital, only worse. Area is ringed with cement blocks, fences and topped with razor wire. Armed guards are stationed everywhere.  The National Guard has been deployed.

All of this to keep those peaceful BLM and AntiFa citizens from exercising their rights to disrupt.

In an attempt to keep the people of Minneapolis properly informed, $1.1 million has been budgeted for “social media” efforts to keep the truth flowing about the trial. Of course, the truth is what the DFL desires it to be.

The defunding of the police has worked seriously well for Minneapolis, so well that the city is trying to reverse its course. Crime, murder and car hijacks are significantly up. And has expanded to the outer areas of the city, to areas normally thought immune from it. It is nothing to hear of numerous “jacks” from the usual suspects throughout the day.

As mentioned, the trial begins today, with jury selection. This will be a scary time for those selected. So far, jury sequestration will not occur and the names of the jurors will be released to the public at some point, unless otherwise ordered.

Being named to the jury is potentially a life threatening event. If Chauvin is found not guilty, which should be the verdict, or if the jury is hung, a more likely outcome, then the rioting would begin anew across Minnesota and America alike. And then the jury comes into maximum threat levels, against them and family members.

If Chauvin is found to be guilty, then a miscarriage of justice will have occurred, but the rioting will be at lesser levels than if found not guilty or a hung jury.

If someone is on the jury, just for safety’s sake, the pressure to vote guilty would be so great that it is very likely to be that Chauvin would be found guilty. Rather that than face the “mob.”

So that is the word from Uncle B.  Wish him luck in his underground hideout. Maybe someday, he will arise again.