A Winning Strategy For The Gop

by Zurk Zeez

Is it time for the GOP to throw in the towel on ever winning the White House again and go all out for a establishing a permanent majority in the House of Representatives?

The Path to 270 in 2024 looks pretty slim for whomever the GOP candidate is, be it Big 45, Heavy D, Jeb!, The Mailman’s Son or any other sacrificial lamb candidate The Family Mittens controlled RNC and The Munny Peepill agree upon.

Any road to the Oval Office threads the needle thru three of these four states: WI, AZ, GA and VA. The Blue Wall states of PA and MI are pretty much gone, as are NV, NM and CO in the southwest.

Instead the Republicans need to play to their strength as a core southern/south Atlantic, midwestern plains and north mountain states based party and also concentrate on picking off vulnerable suburban congressional districts surrounding Blue Urban Strongholds.

Deciding on a Permanent House Majority strategy would be both prudent and doable.

The wildcard Senate will flip every few cycles, but locking down the House will mitigate Donxx gain years.

The “national rump party” strategy would mean a commitment to traditionalist populism which would be anathema to the embedded GOP grifter crowd so there is that and other structural barriers to overcome.

On the upside, it might be just what The Founders intended.