The Other Big Steal

By ZurkZeez

We’ve heard a whole lot about the stolen election of 2020, and the polls say a whole lotta conservatives and independents agree.
If two weeks is an eternity in politics 2020 is ancient history.
Besides, I’m more pissed about The Other Big Steal, the one that has been happening for the past 2+ years: the steal of my time, of my life with family and friends, of my walking around munny and my long-term wealth.
It’s pretty clear the GOP doesn’t care about the whole stolen election schtick. A lotta of them either helped facilitate it or sat back and passively allowed it because Orange Man Bad for the RNC Patrician Caste.
You hate Trump.
Big whoop.
What I’m really hate is how The Bat Flu stole my summer vacations, my travel plans, my family get togethers, my parties with friends and how, to date, nobody but nobody in The Ruling Class is willing to pin COVID on China in any meaningful way.
Now rampant Inflation and 5 buck gas steals my munny and nobody does jack to square that circle except by taking oil from the strategic oil reserve to get prices down temporarily at the pump.
And to what end?
How’s that supposed to play out in the long term, meaning by next year this time?
And wuddabout the relentless chipping away at my nest egg, my retirements etc by inflation and bad munny policy.
That’s A Big Steal too.
So pardon me if I am done getting my undies in a bunch for Big 45’s self-inflicted wounds in 2020 no matter how much he cries his billionaire crocodile tears.
Man up Dude.
This is the guy I voted for in 2016, not a whiner:

It is possible that the Trump phenomenon cannot be understood merely by trying to make sense of Trump himself. Rather, it is the seriousness of the need for Trump that must be understood in order to make sense of his candidacy. Those most likely to be receptive of Trump are those who believe America is in the midst of a great crisis in terms of its economy, its chaotic civil society, its political corruption, and its inability to defend any kind of tradition—or a way of life derived from any kind of tradition—because of the transformation of its culture by the intellectual elites. This sweeping cultural transformation occurred almost completely outside the political process of mobilizing public opinion and political majorities. The American people themselves did not participate or consent to the wholesale undermining of their way of life, which government and the bureaucracy helped to facilitate by undermining those institutions of civil society that were dependent upon a public defense of the old morality. This great crisis has created the need for a Trump, or someone like Trump, and only those who recognize it as a crisis can be receptive to his candidacy.
– John Marini
I want someone new who will pick up that mantle and show me how he or she are gunna get me my life, munny and wealth back.
As for my precious two years of time down the COVID Crapper, well that time is gone and I’m not in a forgiving mood about it regardless of whoever is running…