They’re Coming to Take Me Away

Well, unfortunately no they’re not. I’m talking about those in power with obvious cognitive issues. Not that most of our self anointed betters don’t have issues of their own that might also be considered as playing without a full deck so-to-speak. Kackling Kamala comes to mind, but then that’s a story for another day.

Speaking of Kamala and word salads, her boss has become the poster child for it. It’s not that the blithering old fool in the White House wasn’t just as much a blithering fool during his decades in the senate, actually he was. Now he’s the head of the regime, several cards short of a full deck, with his finger on the nuclear trigger. He cannot even go a full day without being told what to say, where to walk, when to talk, and when to shutup, among other things.

That Ol’ Joe got elected in the first place with questionable issues about his ability to fully function is mind boggling. What’s more mind boggling is that polls show nearly half the country is willing to give the old geezer another 4 years.

Next up is Diane Feinstein. The old gal has had a stroke and cannot walk, among other functions that may be lacking but the public is kept in the dark about. Another leftist dem clinging to power, whether she is aware of it or not, way past their sell-by-date who needs to go home for good to the Peoples Republic of California.

GOP senate leader Mitch McConnell is apparently now having seizures in public. Who knows what goes on with him behind the scenes. Time to send the turtle back to his Old Kentucky home permanently.

Now we come to John Fetterman. This guy isn’t even a geriatric but has obvious issues of his own. Another leftist in the senate being told how to vote by well whomever, Schumer, people we never hear of, you decide.

That some of these people got elected with the aforementioned isuues, and could get re-elected does not bode well for our republic. Obviously the media isn’t helping matters especially when it comes to leftist dems.

The public doesn’t seem to care either. In fact, after decades of witnessing boneheaded ideas become law or codified by SCOTUS, what reason does the public now have to all of a sudden give a damn about senile old politicians remaining in power?

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