It was Vladimir Lenin who said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Ask yourself when is the last time the congressional GOP actually won something policy wise, or on the budget, or anything meaningful that matters to it’s base? Sure every once in a while we’ll get some bread crumbs thrown our way like temporary tax relief, but the march leftward continues unabated.

The Department of Justice, for example, has become little more than an enforcement arm of the democrat party. Gotcha indictments is how I best describe what’s happening there now. It’s not just Trump, it’s the January 6th political prisoners and many more. They’re even targeting parents who speak up against wokeness, or sex education to minors in school board meetings.

Lindsey Graham on January 7, 2021 referring to what happen the day before stated that “warning shots” and “lethal force should have been used once they’d penetrated the seat of government.” Of course what he failed to mention is that they were all let in by the very capital police who he expects to protect him and his worthless uniparty buddies. Lindsey should ask Ashley Babbit’s family how they feel about it. I would imagine he can’t be bothered to do so in between making multi billion dollar deals with the democrats at the expense of the taxpayers.

We’ve got seizure proned Mitch McConnell also known as the turtle or as I like to call him the “turdle”. A few years back the turdle couldn’t hold back on how much he despised the tea party movement. Nevermind the fact that they helped return the GOP to the majority in congress. Fast forward to the present and turdle doesn’t think Biden should be impeached. Afterall everybody takes bribes anyway right? Who cares?

GOP house leader McCarthy cannot seem to make up his mind on impeachent. One day he’ll have a strongly worded letter sent. The next he might suggest an impeachment inquiry. The next day he’s not so sure, or maybe another strongly worded letter. Yes, the old standby strongly worded letter sure gets a lot of use from the GOP, of course it means absolutely nothing. His latest pitch is to have the whole house vote on whether to hold an impeachment inquiry or not.

Then there is the budget and continuing resolutions or CRs for short. Those CRs always seem to get bipartisan support don’t they? Then after the CR passes along comes the GOP sounding all mad as hell saying we’re going to vote to cut funding of this or that. They do this knowing full well they don’t have the votes to override a presidential veto and are a minority in the senate. Nevermind the fact that they could have just refused to fund the CR until those detestable items were removed from the bill. Instead we get controlled opposition enhanced by kabuki theatrics.

I could go on nearly endlessly with example after example because none of this is new. It’s been going on for decades and we know which side nearly always gets their way.

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