A Resentful Landslide And The Coming Collapse

By ZurkZeez

“How did you go bankrupt?”
Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”
— Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

If you read behind the chumming of the polls (see The Finley Theorem for a detailed explanation) it’s pretty clear that all The Big Cigars are looking forward to finally being rid of the The Bad Orange Man come the end of the interminable Election Season season (which has replaced Election Day) in mid-November 2024.

With the exception of the Trumpista Cult and the ultra-cynical GOP munny establishment who are looking for an excuse to keep their pocketbooks zipped tight hardly any Normals are looking forward to a Geriatric Don versus Dementia Joe rumble for the The White House next year.


Live free or die

Let me amend that.

The Deep State and Team Obama certainly are.

Puddin’ the Sock Puppet is their ideal candidate.

Easy to control, not particularly bright on his best days and compliant to a fault as long as he gets his Hitler Go Go Juice Amphetamine Cocktail jab to keep him upright until Sundowners settles in in the late afternoon most days.

And the Great Unwashed? They don’t want either Big 45 or Sleepy 46 but given the choice between another 4 years of Trump Fatigue or the easily ignored Hair Sniffer they are gunna take The Easy Road by a margin that makes Johnson/Goldwater or Nixon/McGovern look like absolute nail-biters.

But it is going to be A Resentful Landslide; the electorate hate Trump and want to Pontius Pilate him but come spring 2025 the 65-70% to 20-something victory margin is going to be reversed when the Approval Polls post-inauguration start rolling out.

And as the Radical Proggy Donxx and their Deep State minions start implementing their “Blue Mandate” in earnest anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is going to start having a regular series WTF Have We Done lightbulbs go off.

Too late, Suckas.

And that’s when things start picking up steam from Slowly then Quickly.

And there won’t be a damn thing The Normals and even the Near-Normals will be able to do about it.

Other than sit back and enjoy the Spectacle of the Decline of Empire unfolding before your eyes in Real Time.


Give The People What They Want.

Good and Hard…

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