New Mexico Governor Burns the Constitution and Gets Called Out by Her Own Party – Open Thread

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It appears the Democrat Governor of New Mexico Michelle Lynn Lujan Grisham has taken the party’s gun control nonsense a bit too far even for many gun control advocates in the Democrat party. On Friday Governor Grisham came out and issued an emergency executive order for the city of Albuquerque. The order basically suspends the right of all citizens to open carry or conceal carry any firearms within the city limits for a period of at least 30 days.


Grisham’s action is in response to recent gun violence in the city. Of course the first thing leftists do in situations like this is to blame the gun, not the perpetrator. Apparently it didn’t go over like some had hoped it would.

Lieu isn’t the only leftist coming down hard on Governor Grisham. David Hogg got in on the act also even tweeting back and forth with Lieu.

Everybody agrees that the violence is getting out of hand, especially in Democrat controlled cities. The disagreements are in how to fix it, but taking away a constitutional right is not how it’s done. Johnathan Turley apparently agrees having tweeted the following including a link to an article he wrote in response to Grisham’s actions.

“It could also be a calculated effort to evade a ruling by making the period of suspension so short” says Turley. Well of course that’s part of it but not all of it.

Now I do not for one second believe that Governor Grisham came up with this all on her own. If anything this was most likely a test the waters scenario by the Democrat party using Governor Grisham as the designated hitter and also the person to take the fall in case it backfired.

Well obviously it didn’t go over with the serfs like the Democrats had hoped. It didn’t go over that well with many of the gun control advocates in the Democrat party either. However I suspect the real reason we’re the seeing this reaction from those same gun control advocates is not because it might be unconstitutional. No, I believe it’s because the reaction from the serfs is not what they hoped for and they’re just covering their backsides. In this case the constitution is their friend.

So far none of this seems to have had any effect on Grisham’s decision.

During a news conference Governor Grisham said “No constitutional right, in my view, including my oath, is intended to be absolute”. Like all good leftist do, she’s doubling down full speed ahead. And unlike Ted Lieu, she is showing everyone what most leftist really think about the constitution. It’s whatever they want it to be at any given moment.

State representatives John Block and Stefani Lord have called for Grisham’s impeachment.

“This emergency order violates the Governor’s oath to protect and defend the rights of New Mexicans and is illegal in nature. The legislature has a duty to intervene when the government is overstepping its boundaries, and Governor Grisham’s order and comments disqualify her from continuing her tenure as Governor,” they say.

It’s gonna be interesting to see how this plays out. If recent history is any guide, coupled with her leftist defiant attitude, she sadly could get away with it.

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