Kevin McCarthy Greenlights Impeachment, Sort of – Finally

After seemingly going back and forth Speaker McCarthy appears to have finally given his seal of approval to impeach President Joe Biden. But wait it’s only an impeachment inquiry.

Fox News Digital says it can confirm that Speaker McCarthy will tell House Republicans today that beginning an impeachment inquiry against President Biden is “the logical next step.” Republican leaders are expected to meet behind closed doors Thursday for scheduled updates from various committee chairperson.

Well yes it’s about time, but as mentioned it’s only an inquiry at this point. Really don’t know what it is going to take for these guys to actually commence with impeachment. We already have the infamous video of Biden bragging about using public funds to get an Ukrainian prosecutor fired.

There’s also the emails, the use of fake names, and questionable transfers of millions of dollars.

Still though the GOP has moved like a snail on all of this. Over in the senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has managed, in between his public seizures, to voice his opposition to impeachment. McConnell isn’t alone in the senate on his opposition. John Cornyn had the following comments.

“It really comes to how do you prioritize your time? I don’t know of anybody who believes [Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer [D-N.Y.] will take it up and actually have a trial and convict a sitting president,” .

“Since they got the majority, they got the chairmen of the various committees, they could do all of that now without going to a formal inquiry. Members of the House don’t really care what I think. All I can tell you, it’s unlikely to be successful in the Senate.”

“Rather than doing something they know is unlikely to end the way they would like, maybe they want to emphasize other things.”

Yes the good old GOP RINOs can always be counted on to fold, even before the fight begins. Can you say cOnTRoLleD oPPoSiTIoN?

Whether this latest development is simply an attempt to placate the base remains to be seen. It’s at least a move in the right direction. Now let’s hope the GOP acts quickly before McCarthy changes his mind.

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