DeSantis: “The Presidency Isn’t a Job for Someone That’s 80 Years Old”

Governor Ron DeSantis gave an interview to CBS News that aired last night on that network’s evening news broadcast. The Florida Governor stated that “The presidency isn’t a job for someone that’s 80 years old.”


DeSantis makes some good points that are hard to disagree with. It really is not a place for someone past their prime.

That’s not to say senior citizens shouldn’t be allowed to become President. Afterall there is no upper age limit in the constitution for requirements to hold the office. We in fact have had senior citizens serve in the past who were very good Presidents. Ronald Reagan comes to mind, and he was sworn in at the age of 69.

However 69 is not the same as 80, Biden’s current age. Ronald Reagan left office at the age of 77. Joe Biden was older than that, 78 in fact, when he was sworn in. It’s also fairly obvious he’s not functioning with a full deck, yet his handlers don’t care and act like everything is fine. And it probably is to them since they’re the real power and Biden is just the bumbling old fool they can control. That definitely isn’t good for our country.

Then there’s former President Donald Trump. If he were to win the Presidency again he would be 78 when he is sworn in. As of now he doesn’t appear to have the cognitive issues that Biden obviously has, but a lot can happen in 4 years time. That’s not to say he should step aside. Besides DeSantis has pledged to support whoever the GOP nominee is. So there is a bit of a dilemma there for the Governor.

That’s why this can be a touchy subject.

On the one hand we shouldn’t be electing individuals not capable of carrying out the duties of their office. Those individuals and/or their handlers should also have the common decency to know when to call it quits. But for some it’s all about power no matter how it’s acquired and held onto.

On the other hand some will say it’s not good to dis our senior citizens, and they would be right. That’s all well and good but shouldn’t the country come first. Certainly not those seeking power for the sake of power who then cling to it beyond their sell by date.

We’ve had leaders in the past who have put the country ahead of their own ambitions or those of others who prop them up. The country has let itself get away from that. Perhaps it’s still possible it can return from the abyss. Questioning the age of our leaders, which DeSantis did a good job of answering, just might help kickstart that return.

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