Sen. Ron Johnson Says “Leader McConnell is completely out of step with our conference”

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson was on FOX News with Laura Ingraham and said that “Leader McConnell is completely out of step with our conference”.


Senator Johnson according to Newsweek was one of 10 Republican Senators who voted against McConnell’s leadership bid last November 16th.

Not only is McConnell out of step with the conference as Senator Johnson says, he’s out of step with the entire Republican voting base.

McConnell despised the tea party and did everything he could to destroy it. He could hardly contain his glee when he became convinced he was successful.

McConnell’s actions against the tea party are just one example. The Kentucky Senator has been out of step with the GOP base on a whole host of issues for many years.

Even with the seemingly overwhelming evidence of bribery involving President Biden and members of his family, McConnell is reluctant to go down the path of impeachment. Oh but he does favor an inquiry like his counterpart McCarthy in the GOP controlled house. Yeah let’s have an inquiry while the dems figure out a way to weasel old Joe out of all of it.

Then we come to what really ought to be enough to replace him – His recent freeze ups in public on camera. It’s obvious the man, like his buddy Joe in the White House, is well beyond his prime.

It’s past time for new GOP leadership in the senate. Do your job Senate GOPers.

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