Eon: We’re Not “Repaganizing” Because We Never Really “De-Paganized”

by Eon

Ok, but just remember, you asked for it.

We’re not “repaganizing”, because we never really “de-paganized”. Christianity and Judaism have always been just a small, highly defensive but well-intentioned minority in a world occupied primarily by aggressive, expansionist, I’m-OK-You’re-A-Piece-Of-Dogshit types who would, and will, cut your throat and then kick you for bleeding on their shoes.

As John Ringo and David Weber pointed out in March to the Stars, deep-ecology environmentalism has always been about “culling the herd”, starting with the weakest members, the very young and the very old.

The same for socialism, no matter which “house brand”, nationalist or internationalist. The Nazis killed the lame, the halt, and the blind before they started in on Jews. Stalin let the Hodomur famine do it, and saved on ammunition and man-hours for the army.


Mao made a religion of it with first the Great Leap Forward, then the Cultural Revolution, and finally the One Child Policy. It actually somewhat amuses me to think that that fat, bald sonofabitch may yet succeed in destroying his Communist Paradise on Earth, half a century after his own death. That’s poetic justice with a vengeance.

And of course there’s the Club of Rome and their post-modern adherents, who talk about the “carrying capacity of Holy Mother Gaia”, meaning about fifty million humans, total. They figure that as each of them plus two overseers and seven slaves apiece. They never consider that that would leave them outnumbered two-to-one by their armed overseers. They’d better hope those obedience chips in their brain stems really work…

Simply put, it all comes back to Baal worship, by one road or another. They’re still enamored of that stupid cow and are willing to sacrifice everybody else’s children to same.

Yes, even the wine-and-Brie-soccer-mom crowd; they don’t really want to be “moms” to begin with. To them, a kid is at best a fashion accessory, at worst an annoyance, and abortion is their regimental standard, what they rally around to prove that they are on “the right team”.

They need to consider the mindset of the artillery. As Ian Hogg once pointed out, “In the artillery, we don’t ‘rally ‘round the colours’; our rally point is the nearest gun that will still fire.”

Or in other words, the “Redlegs” will be found clustered around the nearest piece of ordnance that they can still kill you with.

That’s sort of Christianity and Judaism in a nutshell. They’re the Redlegs. They’re all about effectiveness, rather than symbolism.

That’s how the Roman Empire became the Holy Roman Empire, how the Byzantine Empire became the Eastern version, and how if not for Islam there likely would have been a thousand years of peace from the time of Christ up to William having that disagreement with Harold about England.

I actually have a deep respect for some sorts of “pagans”. Some of my oldest and dearest friends are Asatru. Others follow the code of Bushido. They respect my beliefs, which are part-Welsh and part-Shawnee. Yes, I refer to God as “Himself”, and as the Great Spirit, in different “applications”.

I’ve never seen Valkyries over a battlefield, but my Asatru friends say they’re there, and that’s good enough for me.

And if I ever see a very large man in bushi armor astride a huge, silver-gray horse, I’ll be pretty sure it’s not Gandalf on top of Shadowfax, but Hamatetsu riding Storm Wind of Divine Retribution, King-Emperor of all Storm Stallions. Or to use his name in the Tongue of Heaven, Kami Kaze.

(He’s actually quite nice and has a snarky sense of humor. Just FYI.)

I don’t believe that there is a single path to enlightenment. I’m not even sure that we as mortals can ever attain true “enlightenment” by any route. (The Taoists tried a dozen different ways, and in the process killed something like seventeen Chinese emperors purely by accident. Oops.)

The one thing I am sure of? No one ever got there by killing babies.

And I’m speaking as someone who my mother was “encouraged” to “abort” up to a month after birth, myself. By her family, who saw value only in female offspring.

So you could say I’ve been there, done that, and damn near got the fuckin’ T-shirt.

So my opinion on abortion is about like my opinion on deadly force. As the Stranger said in High Plains Drifter, you do it, and then you live with it.

But don’t try to tell me it puts you on a “higher moral plane”.

I’m not buying that one, ever.

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