Trump Wants Everyone to Like him on the Issue of Abortion

Former President Donald Trump sat down for an interview September 14th with NBC News “Meet The Press” moderator, Kristen Welker. Evidently according to NBC News the topic of abortion came up.

The former President apparently expressed interest in mediating disagreements on abortion between the democrats and republicans saying “I think they’re all going to like me, I think both sides are going to like me.”

So he thinks the democrats are going to like him when it comes to mediating about abortion? Wait, I thought Trump is the only guy who can take on the democrats and win. Except you don’t win by hoping the other side will like you. And given the Democrat party stance on abortion, hoping they like your moderation of the argument is not going to save baby lives. It’s only going to result in more deaths.


The former President was asked whether there should be a set standard number of weeks in the development of the unborn child where it would be legal to abort. He had the following response:

“We’re going to agree to a number of weeks or months or however you want to define it, And both sides are going to come together and both sides — both sides, and this is a big statement — both sides will come together. And for the first time in 52 years, you’ll have an issue that we can put behind us.”

News flash Fomer President Trump. We already won, it already got decided. SCOTUS overturned Roe v Wade after nearly 50 years. During that time over 63 million babies were slaughtered according to FOX News. The SCOTUS decision has sent it back to the states where it belongs. Now here comes Trump who wants to negotiate away that hard fought victory with the democrats.

If that isn’t bad enough Welker followed up by asking whether such an agreement would take place at the federal level. Trump said in response “It could be state or it could be federal,” I don’t, frankly, care.” Yes, you read that right, he doesn’t care.

It pains me to even think this, let alone write it. I voted for President Trump twice, first in 2016 then again in 2020 just like many of you folks did. The man has no core belief here. He admits it when he says “I don’t, frankly, care”. My goodness, again, SCOTUS just finished nuking Roe by leaving it up to the states and here he comes saying he stands ready to negotiate it all back to federal responsibility because well he doesn’t care.

As I said, I voted for the guy in both previous Presidential elections. I believed him when he said he was gonna drain the swamp, instead he staffed his administration with swampers. And I believed him when said he was going to build a big beautiful wall on our southern border. Instead we got around 400 miles of a crappy and easily scalable expensive picket fence. When he said he would end Obama care I believed him, but he did nothing.

Those are just some of the reasons I voted for the guy, and now he’s on NBC saying he wants to moderate the abortion argument which just got settled by SCOTUS and doesn’t care how such moderation ends up. Sorry, I just cannot support that.

One final note concerning the NBC interview. Trump said the six week ban signed into law by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is “a terrible thing and a terrible mistake”.

Well Mr Former President what would have been the proper thing to do. Can you tell us or do you just not care?

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