Is There a Concerted Effort Being Made to Delegitimize Governor Ron DeSantis and His Campaign?


Is there an effort being made to delegitimize Governor Ron DeSantis and his campaign by those in positions to do so? To make him appear as an unviable candidate for the Presidency? Sure seems that way.

As I see it DeSantis has made very few major missteps compared to most of the other candidates, and especially compared to former President Trump. Yet poll after poll continues to come out showing support for DeSantis dropping.

This morning I saw a poll on Fox Business News(FBN) that has DeSantis running second behind Vivek Ramaswamy in a hypothetical race that excludes Trump. One would think, considering the many flip flops we’ve had from Vivek, that he would be, well for lack of a better syntax, yesterday’s news.

Then there’s the recent poll from CNN and The University of New Hampshire I wrote about previously. It shows support for Ron DeSantis in that state at 10% placing him 5th behind Trump, Ramaswamy, Haley, and Christie.

Sure DeSantis kicked off his campaign with a rocky start on Twitter/X. He had a few other missteps starting out but nothing major like we’ve seen from Trump, Vivek, and some of the other candidates but has long since recovered.

I just don’t see how the other candidates are gaining at the expense of Ron DeSantis. For instance he isn’t the one running around making statements on abortion that sound like they’re coming from pro baby killing advocates, Trump is.

One would think Trump should be the one shedding the support, not Ron DeSantis. Trump’s promising to do things he failed to do during his first term. Things he really made no effort or very little effort to accomplish. This time though he really means it, right? What makes anyone believe that? What’s changed? Answer, nothing!

DeSantis also isn’t flip flopping on issues like Vivek is. Vivek has a tendency to say whatever his audience wants to hear, even if it’s different from what he said on a previous occasion.

I’m trying to make it all make sense. But like the election of 2020, nothing this time does either.

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