Funding from George Soros Foundation Appears to be Involved with Purchase of 22 Newspapers in Maine

There are reports out that the Open Society Foundation often linked to George Soros was involved with the nonprofit purchase of 22 local newspapers in Maine. Medical device billionaire philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss also contributed to the deal. Some of the papers involved in the sale were the Portland Press Herald, the Lewiston Sun Journal, and the Kennebec Journal according

The 22 papers were acquired by the National Trust for Local News who had made the announcement back in July. Semafor also reported that both Soros and Wyss gave millions to the National Trust to help with the purchase.

Soros is well known for funding progressive causes. Less well known perhaps is Wyss. However he has reportedly given close to 500 million to left of center causes and groups per NewsMax.

Note: This actually was suppose to have taken place at the end of July. There have been some stories out there this week about it so I thought I would put it up in a post.

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