Gavin Newsom Vetoes Bill Requiring Drivers in Self Driving Trucks

California Governor Gavin Newsom has vetoed a bill that would have required drivers to be on board self driving trucks. The vetoed bill would have banned self driving trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds from operating on Calfornia roads without a driver on board.

California Governor Gavin Newsom

The mind of the left never ceases to amaze.

On the one hand the left is all about safety and protecting the public so they claim. It especially seems to hold true when it comes to individual rights, does it not? For instance you should not be allowed to have certain types of firearms because it’s all about protecting you and the public.

Leftist Gavin Newsom will tell you it’s for your own good. You’re not trustworthy enough to own those weapons so “progessives” like Governor Gavin Newsom are gonna ban them. You should be grateful that they’re so concerned about your safety.

Oh and let’s not forget about unions and jobs. Here again the left is always yapping about their support for unions and folks having good paying jobs. You see the left cares about the people, at least that’s what they’ll tell you.

Apparently not in this case. The hell with drivers. Who needs them now? We got driverless trucks. It’s progress, you know progressive and all of that nonsense. Be happy serfs, you’ll find a better job anyway, and maybe one that pays more if you’re lucky. If you can’t, we your loving government can provide some assistance. Things like food stamps, housing, unemployment, and welfare checks are all waiting for you while we also actively eliminate your job.

Then there is the environment. You won’t find a more enivironmental friendly place than California, especially among it’s ruling class. The state is now in the process of banning the sale of many new gas powered vehicles starting in 2035.

Aren’t you grateful that they care so much about the air you breathe that they’ll make sure you only drive electric vehicles? It’s for your health of course. Nevermind what it takes to generate the power needed to recharge those vehicles. Pay no attention to the effects on the environment of increased electrical production.

Now along comes this bill requiring drivers in autonomuos trucks in California passed by both houses of the state Legislature. The Governor of the People’s Republic of California, Gavin Newsom vetoes it. The Governor of the people who supposedly cares about their safety and well being says no to this bill.

Apparently Newsom thinks they’re safe enough to operate without drivers on board. Why else would he veto a bill concerned with the safety of such vehicles? He supposedly cares about the well being of the people, or so we’re told.

Well from July of 2021 to May 15 of 2022 there were nearly 400 crashes involving vehicles with partially automated driver-assist systems according to statistics from US safety regulators. We’re not even talking about fully automated vehicles in these cases. Now along comes Governor Gavin to veto this bill. Don’t worry, Gavin wouldn’t veto this if he thought driverless trucks were unsafe would he?

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