The Cloak of Invisibility

by ZurkZeez

Like one of the more perspicacious upper-class students at HogWarts Academy or a cunning, devious captain of a Klingon battle cruiser, those of us who have lived long and prospered in the deepest Blue of the deepest Blue Russian nesting doll of woke liberalism, live (some might even thrive) as a imperceptible, ethereal band of brothers who daily don a Cloak of Invisibility to go about the increasingly difficult task of, against all odds, being Red the Cerulean City.


In this world, All Think has replaced Group Think.

These days, particularly regarding Hillary’s floating the Stalinist MAGA Deprogramming trial balloon one of the nicest things about living in A Hood where everyone has a rainbow flag, a trans flag, a BLM sign, a Floyd George sign and an ALL ARE WELCOME HERE sign in their yards, windows and doorways there is a comfort in the knowledge that you too will be welcomed as long as you keep your yapper zipped, smile at correct times and have a studious look of innocent befuddlement ready for deployment should The Cloak of Invisibility slip a tich.

In fact, Higher Beings in The Blue may get by without putting any signage outside at all because Their Ostentatious Non-Display confidently asserts that The Residents Within are so enveloped in Right Think and immersed in Correct Thought that there is no reason to flaunt it.

It’s organic.

It is the equivalent of Winston Smith’s chief tormentor brazenly turning off the view screen in his own office just to let poor Winny know where he resides in the dog pile.

It’s a class and virtue signal all rolled up into one.

Oh my, just a second.

The ringer buzzed and there is a pair of earnest activists at the door.

Opportunity, as they say, has knocked…

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