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By NoPinkosNdApply

Its a beautiful lazy Sunday in the land of pleasant livin so I figger its a great time to bore y’all with an essay.

Long ago and far away I was a strapping young c-c-college boy. I didn’t know it all, but I knew it most. I was a silver tongued devil who lived in a fraternity house, could chug booze with the best of them, and got laid with alarming frequency. I was a good kid but if there were cellphones everywhere and a camera in those cellphones, I’d be making this post today from prison or my cot at the YMCA.

Anyhoo… I have always been conservative politically, and even as a child I was always more aware/involved/cognizant of politics than my peers, but now I was about to cast my first vote for President.

The Dean of Students was hosting a forum of community and campus “leaders” (pffffft) that I was invited to. My girlfriend at the time worked for the Dean, and made sure to seat herself next to me at our banquet table of 8. She was a sassy little minx who knew me well, so to keep the evening entertaining she also put an obnoxious pinko broad on the other side of me. When I say “obnoxious pinko broad”, I think you can picture what I mean. The greasy stringy hair, the Bohemian/ethnic/hip clothing, and above all the attitude to go with it all.

Anyhoo…. We are sitting at the table somewhere between the Hors d’Oeuvres and the rubber chicken entree when an awkward silence occurs between the 8 of us. Its October of 1984 and theres an election about to happen, so Ms. Pinko broad breaks the silence by turning to me and asking, in a loud voice for all to hear: “so, who are you voting for next month”?. I responded politely but clearly: “I’m voting for Ronald Reagan”. In the most animated way you can imagine, she dropped her napkin, recoiled back, looked at me, and in an even louder voice for all to hear exclaimed: “I DONT THINK WE CAN SURVIVE AS A PLANET WITH ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF RONALD REAGAN AS PRESIDENT.

Now, I was ostensibly young and impressionable, though in reality already pretty set in my political ways. But if that lady had good, rational reasons to oppose Ronald Reagan, and solid points to make, they would henceforth have fallen on deaf ears because of her “over the top”, “drama queen”, “end of the world”, “existential crisis”, “chicken little” presentation. There was no conversation to be had with this crank, and I f@cked with her for the rest of the evening, much to my girlfriends enjoyment.

My long winded point is that evening really left an impression on my young mind. To this day, if I’m having a sincere conversation with someone who I want to impress something upon, particularly a political conversation, I try to avoid emotion, hyperbole, and over the top rhetoric. Conversely, if I decide I’m dealing with a crank, I’ll take a page out of Pinko Lady’s playbook and f@ck with them mercilessly with ridiculous ridicule.

Coming full circle, it doesn’t have to be a left vs right thing. I’m one who has good and bad things to say about PDJT, and at the end of the day, whether you agree with me or not, I appreciate all he did and tried to do, and DESPISE his supposed allies who I see as Quislings. And I’m someone an ostensibly conservative yet anti Trump person would want too woo toward DeSantis (who I think is a rock star) or any other alternative. But gratuitous, tangential, irrelevant attacks do nothing to advance that. Ill listen to the valid points (of which there are plenty to choose from), and ill f@ck with the gratuitous chaff.

I have some sorry pinko broad from 40 years ago to thank for that.

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