Whose Turn is it Anyway?

By Bgibbs1000 October 29, 2023

Yes that’s the question… just “WhoseTurn is it Anyway”?

If you’re like me you’re probably tired of hearing Trump supporters telling DeSantis, Haley, Christie, or whomever to wait their turn. Well I got one question to ask. Who died and made Trump and his supporters the arbiters of whose turn it is to run for the GOP nomination for President?

Just how many turns does Trump get? He’s had two already and lost the second one to an ‘eggplant’. If he captures the GOP nomination this time and loses the general election again is it still his turn in 2028?

Is a man who launches insults at anyone who doesn’t kiss his backside deserving of any turn at being president, let alone three turns. Being President isn’t about adolatory, it’s about leadership which we desperately need and have been lacking for decades.

Does the country come first with MAGA and their guy or does his next turn come first? Is repairing Trump’s bruised ego more important than saving our republic? Is one man’s bruised ego and revenge politics what we need, or do we need leadership first and foremost?

Like most of you I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020. His 2016 campaign convinced me that he was the best of the field. However, once he got in he proceeded to sign every spending bill Congress sent him while bitch tweeting about it the whole time. He vetoed less bills than any president since James Garfield and it wasn’t because they were great bills. They were not. That’s not leadership.

When 2020 rolled around Trump let two idiot government employed doctors convince him to go along with shutting down the whole country and quarantining healthy people over a common cold virus. He didn’t even bat an eye about doing it either, while at the same time calling the two doctors “very smart people”.

As the lockdowns continued his defenders blamed the governors not Trump, even when Trump tweeted the following:

During the lockdown that Trump could have ended at anytime but didn’t, we had the BLM movement crop up along with Antifa which gave us the summer riots of 2020. Where was Trump during all of this? Well he was once again tweeting about a problem while actually doing next to nothing to fix it:

Is this someone who deserves another turn at the Presidency? After the fiasco of lockdowns and riots are we the people and the country suppose to wait while he gets another shot at the Presidency?

But hold on we now have 2023 Donald J Trump:

Trump basically just called everyone who voted for him in 2016 losers. You hear that MAGA supporters, he’s calling all of you losers. How do you continue to support someone like this? Can you trust anything he says going forward?

Again I ask you the reader, where is the leadership?

I cannot speak for others, but saving the Republic of The United States of America, assuming it can still be saved, is far more important to me than placating someone with a gigantic ego that’s been bruised and is now on a revenge tour.

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