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Please welcome everyone to the conversation.  Differing opinions are ok

***If you don’t like someone or what someone says, block them***

This is a Free Speech Zone with a few caveats…

Don’t Spam – If you do, say goodbye

Don’t Harass- Poking fun and being a jerk is ok, but don’t target and stalk

Don’t be a weird creeper.  By creepy, we mean creepy stalker creepy or weird

Don’t Clone.  If you do, goodbye

Posting Links is totally cool and encouraged

Don’t post porn, multi-level marketing or spam links

Doxxing is strictly prohibited

Again, use the “Block” button if you don’t like someone. That’s what it’s there for

And, one more time for good measure, use the “Block” button.  Just use it

But… if you don’t block, just ignore.  It pisses them off more that way

Don’t bother the Mods about banning people you don’t like.  BLOCK THEM

Don’t ask to be a Mod… We’ll ask you

Have fun, enjoy and post freely!

***That being said we reserve the right to ban anyone.***

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